Author: Anil Chopra

What FPOs and farmers’ Coops can learn from Mandies – 7 important learnings from a brief case study on Onion Trade in Maharashtra.

Non availability of economic loads at farm location. – Availability of onion is widely scattered in Maharashtra. Land holding of onion growers is very less. Most of the farmers own less than 1.5 acre land and due to unfavorable weather conditions even one vehicle of 15 MT is not available with a single farmer field at a given time. Non-availability of full truck load of fresh onions at a farm has led to concentration of

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Buyers, sellers and Brokers of Agri produce with the best information shall ultimately make best decisions and make the most money.

  Advances in information technology have generated enormous efficiencies in many industries, including retail, hospitality, transportation, communications, entertainment, manufacturing and financial services. Yet in marketing of agricultural produce, the largest industry of them all, innovation has lagged as growers, traders, agents, brokers, warehouse operators, logistics service providers, experts, and input suppliers have been slow to adopt new technologies. This is because agriculture in general and marketing of agriculture produce in particular is often considered a

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