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Artificial Ripening: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Ripening is the process by which fruits attain desirable qualities making them palatable. Generally, fruits become sweeter and less green as they ripen. Many fruits are harvested in unripe conditions itself and are allowed to ripen by the natural release of ethylene – which is a ripening hormone – in the fruit itself. However, fruit suppliers and dealers cannot wait for nature to take its own course of action due to the time and risks

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Sourcing of Fruit & Vegetables – Let’s put first things first

Decades back, when I was taking strategic sourcing decisions for large corporates, I was often told by top managers that what’s the big deal about purchasing fruit and vegetables, even kids can do it. Housewives do it day in day out. I used to get offended by such caustic, casual and derogatory remarks, but I always kept my cool but did contemplate later on. Is f+v procurement job so easy and inconsequential? Time passed by,

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Wastage is a good business – Invest your onions… a thought for food for those who grow food for us.

Few days back I participated in a big debate on impact of FDI in retail on cold chain infrastructure in India. A specialty magazine for the distribution and logistics scene in India had organized this debate at one of the chambers of commerce in India. Three gentlemen including a self-proclaimed cold chain specialist, an omnipresent agribusiness consultant, a retired CMD of a nationalized bank, apart from yours truly, debated on the subject which was moderated

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