SECOND EDITION : New Technological Innovations & Ideas for the Fresh Produce Industry Revolution

FARMING: New Technological Innovations & Ideas for the Fresh Produce Industry Revolution


Continuing the list of new technological innovations and ideas in the Farming Industry, we now list a few more of the latest Innovations that are bringing astronomical changes, leading to a revolution in this Fresh Produce Industry.

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  1. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the manipulation of DNA molecules to produce modified plants, animals, or other organisms. Scientists, with a lot of research, have found the way to isolate the gene or genes for the traits they would prefer to add or eliminate from one plant or move them into another. It is not really that simple, since some traits involve more than one gene and some genes are hard to find. At present, there are Genetically Modified Tomatoes, Strawberries, Potatoes, corn, cantaloupe, etc. It allows making it resistant to weeds, insects, diseases, pests, etc. It also yields higher produce. But, Genetic Engineering comes with a set of risks too, check out how the related benefits and the ill-effects are usually over-exaggerated

  1. Food safety through technological monitoring and intervention

Fresh produce contamination is a significant concern regardless of the produce grown, production system used, size of farm, or market outlet. Reducing contamination risks begins on the farm, and there are many practices growers can implement as a means to reduce risks.

Sensors are used today in facility performance monitoring (temperature, sanitizer and chemical levels, etc.), transportation (temperature monitoring) and in precision farming. Such technology make the monitoring of the produce in real time more effective and efficient, for pests, diseases, time of harvest, etc, and suitable intervention can be provided, so as to prevent damage and loss. The use of the Internet for monitoring systems are enabling entire sensor systems that can more cost-effectively capture and facilitate data analysis.

The infographic at explains the entire schematic structure with respect to the data analytics approach.

  1. Tracking product movement within complete supply chain operations in real time

Supply Chain Management is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers (Harland, 1996). Supply Chain Management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption (supply chain).

Supply chain software, allow tracking, which provides numerous advantages to organizations, empowering them to improve operations from end-to-end. Key Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software include Improvement  of Your Supply Chain Network, Minimization of  Delays, Enhanced Collaboration and Reduced Costs.

A host  of new and advanced traceability systems have been planned and developed across the globe, you may check out to see how these technologies are optimizing the entire supply chain process.

  1. Supply chain visibility for trading partners

Within a trading network, partners must be able to connect quickly and easily with standard communication formats. Cloud-based technologies can offer security, scalability, configurability, and reliability—key components of a network designed to accurately exchange critical business information among all partners.

The network relies on a robust technology platform designed to manage thousands of service provider participants and to capture, process, and store the millions of transport events taking place.

To manage the opportunities and risks associated with any market and industry, three supply chain visibility capabilities are preferred: quick access to global supply chain information; proactive supply chain alerts and the ability to manage by exception; and efficient collaboration with global trading partners. This visibility being available for trading partners can foster better relationship, and also promote collaborations between trading partners.

By applying metrics, one can to quantify the value of operational improvements identified via visibility and strategically utilizing visibility for optimizing operations through reducing variability and controlling supply chain costs.

From a customers’(companies and individual retailers) and the farmers’ point of view, the entities can connect their supply chain with the supply chains of their suppliers and customers together in a single vast network that optimizes costs and opportunities for everyone involved. This was the reason for the B2B explosion; the idea that everyone a company does business with could be connected together into one big happy, cooperative family. Some of the new mobile Apps which are now minimizing the gap between the farmers and the market understanding can be found at

Supply Chain Management as well as visibility plays an important role in determining the true costs of each operation involved in farming till delivery to consumer. This determination of cost at each stage helps to optimize costs and also prevents double counting.

There are various other processes too like DNA Fingerprinting, Filtration, using Sensors and real time monitoring and Nanotechnology, that are being used to progressively to change the face of farming. The old picture of a farmer using his ox to plough the land as a symbol of farming is passé. Today, farming is no less than a science, with complex machinery, equipment and equations too. Everything and Everyone has to keep pace with changing times and needs, after all. shall be bringing to you every fortnight similar interesting and topical content from the wonderful World of fruit and vegetables. Please send a one line email request for the topic of your own interest at [email protected].

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